Student Accommodation in your pocket

I STAY @ is the first mobile app for students to book accommodation anywhere in South Africa

Search, Compare and Book Accommodation

Students can use our cool filters to quickly search for accommodation by Location, Price Range and Room Type (single, double or 3-sharing). Then they'll be able to compare rooms on the search results.

List your Student Accommodation

Accommodation owners and managers can use the app to list their accommodation. We only allow listings of student accommodations on the app, we verify all your listings before we approve them.

Advertise, Sell, Swop or Buy

Our easy-to-use classifieds feature allows students to advertise, buy, sell or swop... textbooks, computers, mobile devices, wifi routers, appliances and everything else you can think of.

About the App

With I STAY @, students get the best accommodation that fits their needs, lifestyle and budget. Accommodation owners get the best students based on their behavioral profile and affordability status.

Receive Daily Newsletters

Students can receive newsletters on the latest trends, events, sports, bursaries, internships and so much more. Alerts are sent to students via app notifications and emails.

Apply for Bursaries/Jobs

Students can apply for learnerships, bursaries, internships and jobs via the app. Talent acquisition specialists are encouraged to use the app as external advertisors.

Join/Create Study Groups

The app also allows all students who have an account to create or join study groups and add other students so they can work together to tackle any school work.

What people say

  • "I've always struggled to fill up my accommodation with students, thank you I STAY @ for filling it up"
    Nomsa Malinga
  • "Yall are life savers, didn't think I'll find accommodation in the first quarter as usual, but you made it possible"
    Jeff Maake
  • "No longer scared to apply anywhere for tertiary education. You guys are the best, thank you for making this service free"
    Vuyisa Fulela

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